Biocross R&D

Innovation is a constant routine in R&D department of Biocross do Brasil Fertilizantes, and our challenge is to create viable solutions to market expectations. We work for the development of innovative technologies for each product, where they are tested in different regions of Brazil. Our research is focused on an environmentally conscious future, and our industrial process meets strict quality control standards.

Biocross Technology

Biocross is based on scientific knowledge to explore the potential of plants respecting the environment. Our product line is developed with "BioActive" technology, generating differentiated and high-performance products, which enhance the best results in the production system.

Physical Benefits:

• Size reduction and particles uniformity
• Higher product adherence to the leaves
• Higher compatibility with the cuticle
• Formation of uniform suspension of nutrients and natural compounds
• Maximum concentration of nutrients and natural compounds

Physiological Benefits:

• Acceleration and increase of nutrients absorption rate
• Optimization of photosynthesis and respiration processes
• Induction to the natural resistance of plants
• Reduction of impacts caused by abiotic stresses
• Activation of cell division and protein synthesis processes
• Increased volume and sanity of root system
• Higher efficiency in carbohydrate translocation

Our products' differential is how the nutrients are easily available to the plants, i.e., with a higher level of utilization, which benefits the speed and efficiency of absorption by the plants. Well-nurtured plants are more resistant to the adversities, to pest attacks, bacteria and fungi, resulting to more productive crops.

On the Field

All our R&D department is in sync with our field staff, so that we can offer the growers the maximum improvement of their crops. Our products are tested in public and private companies, and only after an approval we send them to growers which are opinion formers, according to our Nutrition Program developed by our technical team.